Patrick Cody, Executive Director

Patrick has led Okemo Valley TV (formerly LPCTV) for 15 years, helping to grow the organization step-by-step. His background is heavily focused on TV, video, and film production. In addition to his work at Okemo Valley TV, Patrick has worked as a freelance cameraman and video producer, working in diverse settings ranging from live sports to documentary. When not working, Patrick enjoys spending time in the woods, hills, and back roads of Vermont on bike and foot. 

Fred Marin, Programming Coordinator

Fred was a long-serving member of the Board of Directors before being hired in the Fall of 2014. He has stepped down from his role on the Board and into his new role, responsible for scheduling programming, as well as coordinating the traffic of incoming programming and daily activities around the facility. Fred taught high school science for many years. In addition to his work here, Fred is involved with many other community organizations, such as the Springfield Chorus, Mountainside House, and the United Church of Ludlow. He is also a member of the Cavendish Town Elementary School Board. In his spare time (what there is of it), Fred dabbles in the arts, creating solarplate etchings and singing in the chorus.

   Ed McEneaney, Production Associate / Field Producer / Jack-of-All Trades

Ed comes to Vermont from the greater NYC area, where he worked as a stage and screen actor. These days, you can find him mostly behind the camera, recording meetings and other community programming.  We also put his carpentry skills to use around the shop.

Vincent Guerrera 

Just as his shirt in the sketch states, Vinny's here to help. Following in the footsteps of his brother David, Vincent was originally hired to help out back in 2013. He has since earned a degree from Castleton University, where he majored in Communication, which involved a focus on Video & Film production. He is now back into the fold, helping out in a variety of areas, including produciton, editing, and working on our after school programs. He is a film buff, a photographer, and (as it happens) a decent sketch artist, with a knack for self-portaits